health experience program


about health experience program


Three key elements of health consist of “exercise”, “nutrition” and “rest” which we tend to have a shortage of in our daily life. Fujiya has focused on health and developed four health experience programs that works for lively life. Enjoy our programs.


agriculture program


Agricultural work has all three key elements.
Refresh yourself both mentally and physically through exposure to soils and plants in AGRICOM GARM built next to Fujiya. An agricultural instructor and a physiotherapist will tailor agricultural work considering your fitness. Experience and have fun of agricultural work basing in sun?


exercise program


At the Rere Physio Prevention Center, our physiotherapists and health fitness instructors will check your fitness level and give you advices on how to move your body. The first step to health is to know your fitness level, and learn how to move your body at moderate intensity and why exercises are important.

コグニサイズ“Cognicise” – exercise for prevention of dementia


Cognicise is an exercise program for brain activation and dementia prevention, which was developed by National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology. Enjoy cognicise together by doing light cardio exercises, word chain game and simple calculations (cognition challenge) at the same time.

DMSプログラムDynamic Movement Skills – program


“DMS” program is a program that improves “body care” and “operability of the body” using exclusive mats of UK Running School. It is an exercise for fall prevention and easy movement.

マシントレーニングmachine training


Machine training aims to increase your fitness that is essential in daily life by stimulating joints and muscles which you don’t often use, and by improving mobility. A German made Compass training machine can be used even for those who are frail or need care.


diet program


We live in an era where we can get whatever we want at a supermarket. However, we would like you to learn how food is supposed to taste like and experience how fun cooking is by growing food from scratch.

おにぎりつくりmaking rice balls


Let’s taste the original rice flavor using local rice (brown rice entering), devising methods of firing such as cooking rice cooker and ingredients.

餃子つくりmaking Gyoza


Dumpling is said to be food that has a nutritive analeptic effect with good nutrition balance and digestive promotion. Eat crispy dumplings that use a variety of ingredients.

スムージーつくりmaking smoothies


Smoothie is considered good for beauty and health. Do you know the difference from vegetable juice?
Make seasonal smoothie by adding fresh vegetables and fruits harvested from AGRICOM GARM.

ジャムつくりmaking jum


We also grow fruit trees in AGRICOM GARM. When each fruit gets ripe, make delicious jam out of fresh fruits.


We will also prepare experiences such as Miso making and Umeboshi making according to other seasons.


For a nutrition program, contents vary depending on timing.
Please also note that application for multiple contents among a same group cannot be accepted.


relaxation program


Let’s experience the quiet relaxation such as the production of Wakasa crafts, aggressive rest by agriculture etc., lecture on copying and correct sleeping.

座禅体験Zazen experience


In Bukkokuji temple (Soto sect) in the mountains of Obama City Fushihara, you can experience about an hour of Zen meditation. (Soto sect: a Dogen Zen master’s open denomination that was preached to be a leader in Zazen)
Many monks from abroad are also trainees who carefully tell me how to patronize in foreign countries even with foreigners. You can leave your usual hustle and look at yourself through zazen.

写経sutra copying


You can make a handwritten copy of a sutra with a small brush after rubbing black ink stick with water on an ink stone. As we present you with examples like heart sutra and a copy of a statue of Buddha, write calmly with scent of incense surrounding you. Having time to focus on something also can help activate your brain.

塗り箸つくりpaint chopsticks


Do you know a suitable length of chopsticks, which is different depending on individuals. We can make only one set of unique chopsticks in the world for you. Chopsticks will be coated by specialists and sent to you later.

和紙染めjapanese paper dyeing


Chopsticks have a length that suits them. We will make only one original coated chopsticks in the world with the history of chopsticks. We will coat by specialist and mail it to your home at a later date.


In addition, I will introduce the lacquer Dharma painting in the city and the experience class of pottery etc.


For a relaxation program, contents vary depending on timing.
Please also note that application for multiple contents among a same group cannot be accepted.